Nepotism, Why It Sucks, and Why it Has No Place in Girl Scouts

So Punksin had her Girl Scout bridging ceremony last week.

Girl Scouts of the United States of America

Girl Scouts of the United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is where she goes from being a Brownie to a Junior.

Have I gone into details of why I am not really loving her troop right now?

It’s that Girl Clique shit. I hate it. And the girls in her troop are being cliquey to the point of excluding my daughter and being rude to her at times.

This is not shit I take lightly. Not at ALL. I’ve had many discussions on the matter with the troop leader, and I’m THISCLOSE to pulling Punksin out because I feel as though we joined for her to have a good time and make friends, and instead she’s NOT having a good time and meeting TWATS.

But Punksin herself still wants to stick it out, and since the troop leader has been seemingly concerned about the matter – although, to my mind, not nearly proactive enough – I figured I would bide my time and not be Diva Mom. Because I CAN go there.

Well, they pissed me off to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL with this goddamn bridging ceremony.

First, they have the Juniors, who had to complete a major project for the year, put on a play. And because I’m an anal fuck who likes things to be done properly, it pissed me the fuck off. I couldn’t HEAR a goddamn word anyone was saying, the play went on WAY too long, and it just seemed that, for a big year-end project, it was something thrown together at the last minute. Come on. Really.

Okay, I sucked that up.

Then, some girls got awards. I’m going to be blunt: given all the shit my daughter went through, I felt she should have gotten one. The Sticking-It-Out Award. The Bravery-When-Dealing-With-Assholes Award. The Refusing-to-Engage-in-Cliquey-Bullshit Award. Something to show her that sticking it out meant something, something that acknowledged how hard this year was for her and how she still persevered.

But no. NO.

There was no award for that.

Okay. I sucked THAT up. Maybe they didn’t want to draw more attention to the subject, I reasoned. Okay. Cool.


At the end of ALL THIS SHIT, the troop leader announces that they have some VERY SPECIAL AWARDS to give out.

The Leader’s Daughter Awards. The head troop leader, and her fellow leaders, were awarding their OWN DAUGHTERS for doing the sometimes extra work that comes with being the daughter of a troop leader. You know, counting cookie boxes and shit like that. So, for being the DAUGHTERS of the troop leaders and HELPING THEIR MOMS OUT, they gave their kids GIFT BASKETS, and proceeded to take out ALL THE SHIT IN THE BASKET and explain to the REST of us dumb fucks what each item was for.






Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that it is completely WRONG to acknowledge their own child’s contribution to Girl Scouts, and that they may have helped their moms from time to time doing things. I get that.

But I DO think it is COMPLETELY inappropriate to do this recognition in a public setting with all the other Girl Scouts. I mean, patting your own kid on the back in public and giving them a fucking award? That YOU chose to bestow upon them? So just because my kid didn’t come out of your vagina, or I’m too busy or too disorganized or too medicated to be a troop leader, my kid can’t POSSIBLY get this award? And she and all the other Girl Scouts have to sit there and watch you tell your own kids how awesome they are and give them an AWARD?

I’m sorry, but I think that was totally inappropriate and if I were a troop leader, I would NEVER do that. If Punksin was helping me out so much behind the scenes, then that’s where I’d award her – behind the scenes. Take her out for a mani-pedi. Give her money. Give her the damn gift basket – at HOME. But to do that in public to your own child just reeks of self-importance. Does the word nepotism mean nothing to these people?

THAT was a HUGE turn-off. I was so disgusted I couldn’t wait to get out of the room. This is where my mother’s training rears its head. You just don’t DO this sort of thing. You don’t make a big to-do about your own flesh-and-blood like that, in a way that is clearly unfair to others. I’ve been in situations where my mom did stuff with me. She always thanked me privately, but if she was running the show she could not then turn around and make a huge deal of rewarding ME for it. Of course your child helps you. What the hell else would they be doing? It’s their freaking activity too. But making a spectacle of it in such a way? Yes, I am giving an award to MY child for being helpful to ME. Watch, everyone, while I tell my child how fabulous she is and then give her an award for it.

And if you don’t see a problem with this, do me a favor. Don’t tell me about it. Just keep that shit to yourself, because if you can’t see what’s wrong with this, you and I are clearly on different wavelengths and I can’t even talk to you about it.


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