The Secret is Out

So today I overhear Pudding asking Punksin this question:

How come your skin is like, caramel, and my skin is like, different?”

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“I don’t know.” (Said in the tones of someone who not only doesn’t KNOW, but doesn’t give a shit.)

My skin is…peachy.

I know.” (Same tones.)

Let’s go play on the Wii.

Okay!” (Note the decided upswing in the level of interest.)

This is not the first time they have posed this question to me. We keep telling them, the same parents can produce different colors. The Tech Guru has 2 brothers. Same dad, same mom, all 3 of them of have different coloring. The eldest is the palest, the middle one is the darkest, and the Tech Guru, the baby is the tan one. I think it’s pretty cool.

When Punksin was born, we both noticed she was very slightly darker than both of us. Then along came Pudding, and he was decidedly LIGHTER than both of us – he even has dark blonde hair/light brown hair. It’s like she skews to her maternal grandparents, and he got his coloring from his paternal grandparents.

Either that, or I’m sleeping with our White mailman and our Black UPS guy.

Maybe when they’re older I’ll tell them that just to fuck with them:

“Your dad is not really that awesome software engineer in the other room. Those guys? Who brings us those cool packages and stuff? THOSE are your dads! Isn’t it awesome?”

In all seriousness, though, I look at them and find myself wondering, wow, what would baby #3 look like? 🙂





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