Renovations Up the Wazoo

Jeez, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I need to get done around here. No, this is not apropos of the recent argument. This has everything to do with me being bored with the way things are looking around here. When we first moved in, I was all in my British Colonial […]

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Life is NOT Like a Goddamn Box of Chocolates, It’s Like an Onion

So we talked about it and we both apologized and I talked to Punksin and explained what happened and apologized for it getting so out of hand as to frighten her and now…it’s done. It’s weird, though…I still feel tense. And I’m not sure why exactly. All I know is that I don’t like it. […]

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Books Are Yummylicious

I’ve had people remark to me that they don’t read books very often. Or, in some cases, at all. I find this to be nothing less than astonishing. To me, it’s akin to saying I don’t think, or I don’t dream. For books are the stuff of thoughts and dreams! How can one not read? […]

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The Next Morning

There’s still a little tension, but… The kids are okay. And right now, that’s my main concern. As for me, well…it’s too early for me to really assess what or how I am feeling. A good night of sleep helped, thanks to sleeping pills. So I do feel rested this morning, although the Tech Guru […]

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My Big Fucking Messy House

So perhaps it goes without saying that my house is a mess. I mean, I have 2 kids. And they’re homeschooled, which means our house….IS the school. And there’s art shit everywhere, textbooks, just…stuff. Not that that in itself is an excuse. It’s not so much the stuff. It’s the TIME. From the time I […]

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The Secret is Out

So today I overhear Pudding asking Punksin this question: “How come your skin is like, caramel, and my skin is like, different?” “I don’t know.” (Said in the tones of someone who not only doesn’t KNOW, but doesn’t give a shit.) “My skin is…peachy.” “I know.” (Same tones.) “Let’s go play on the Wii.” “Okay!” […]

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Best Line EVER

So I’m here watching True Blood Season 4 – because I am always behind on shows. Always. It started out just generally trying to catch up with the trends with Heroes and Lost, and then I started to realize that I liked it that way. I could catch up when I felt like it instead […]

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Oh The Pain…

No, not emotional pain. Emotionally I’m actually doing fabulously, thank you. It’s the PHYSICAL pain that’s kicking my ass today. Today. And yesterday. And the day before that, and before that, and before that…the past 2 weeks or so have been like one long laundry list of physical ailments. It’s draining me. So much so […]

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I Wasn’t Lying, Seriously…

…when I said I was taking a hiatus from writing here. Seriously. But I just HAD to come and tell you: PUDDING PASSED LEVEL 1 SWIMMING! What a freaking relief. And so much for that “pep talk” from the Tech Guru. “You’re gonna fail son. Just fuck it.” Okay, so that’s not EXACTLY how it […]

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My Staycation of Sorts

Today was a FABULOUS day. The kids and I took a field trip with a huge bunch of homeschoolers down to Sandy Hook. I’d never been and although the beach doesn’t hold a CANDLE to the pristine beaches and waters of the Caribbean, it was a wonderful experience for the kids. They learned a lot […]

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