The Year of Making Shit Happen

So it’s 2012! Hello there, New Year, how the hell ARE you?

Me, I’m fine. A tad woozy from meds but as you will soon learn, that’s not so abnormal. These meds are not behavioral meds, though, no, these are cough and congestion meds to clear up the mucus that LOVES to collect in my chest and sit there like a frigging squatter. I took some last night and it didn’t make me woozy but today’s dose has me feeling a little…out there.

Oh well. Enough about me and meds.

I feel oddly good today, and it’s weird to feel so good because it’s like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. That’s pretty damn sad. I am learning, though, to trust in the Universe’s goodness, to get out of that mindset that good is only there to make the bad even more horrible. I don’t believe that anymore. I feel good because good is here, and more good is coming and…life is good!

No, this is not the wooziness talking. Seriously. I feel very…positive. And that’s saying a lot. I know there will be days when I go back down in the dumps but that fucker Claude – you remember him, right? – he seems to be getting smaller and smaller and smaller. And he visits less often.

This…is good.

Punksin’s birthday is right around the corner and she has asked for only 2 things: a bike, and a vacation. So…that’s what we’re getting her. Can’t figure out where to go yet but all of us are overdue and a vacation would be LOVELY so I’m working on making that happen. Which reminds me, the Tech Guru needs to get his passport renewed…maybe we’ll expedite it so that we’re not here waiting on tenterhooks for his passport to arrive THE DAY BEFORE WE LEAVE, as we were when we went to Jamaica and my passport was floating around out in Never Never Land. Talk about stressful.

After that, I need some me time and I was thinking about visiting my sister in California in March. She is not biologically my sister but God knows I love her more than some people I am and have been related to, and we both have the light-skinned long hair thing happening so we could PASS for sisters. And we’re both Sagittarians! AWESOME. She is a sister of the spirit. I love her to freaking pieces.

So that’s going to be the first half of the year. I need to sit down with the Tech Guru and see if there are any conferences he wants to attend, and what conferences I want to attend, and then work out our travel plans from there. And we’re also getting tired of the vacations that are just…go, stay somewhere else, come back home. I want vacations where I try something new or learn something new or work on a skill… Painting vacations. Writing vacations. Hiking vacations. Yoga vacations. Vacations where we really come home with memories that are not just about what we saw, but what we did.

So I have my work cut out for me this year but I’m making it happen…this is the year of MAKING SHIT HAPPEN.

Are you with me?

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2 Responses to “The Year of Making Shit Happen”

  1. Thubbs says:

    Well…well…we’ll. It is about ‘effin time I jumped on here – just read about geek porn (I’m old scoll in the porn dept – maybe because I came to porn late in life – no pun intended- or, maybe it was ??)… Re: this post, yes, I am with you BUT, I am a little distressed that I didn’t get courtesy/cursory mention as you went on about visiting your magnificent sister in my backyard?? Hmmm. I am clearly going to have stay on top of this blog because all he’ll is breaking loose… Much love

    • Leila says:

      Dude, you KNOW if I come to see my sister I will let you know!!!! I have to see my boys and meet Mia!!!!