Delusions of Grandeur

One of my great-grandfathers used to talk about people who walked around with “delusions of grandeur,” this idea of their own overwhelming importance.

I would say that definitely has to apply with Beyonce and Jay-Z, given all I’ve heard about the prep that went into the arrival of their baby.

I mean, they have lots of cash, and they have the right to spend it however they want, but I think they really crossed a line when they got in the area of INCONVENIENCING OTHER NEW PARENTS.

Parents of preemies and other newborns were not allowed in to see their kids? Or made to run through some gauntlet of security guards that lasted over 20 minutes? WTF? Who made the Carter baby more important than anyone else’s?

Celebs have been having kids since the beginning of celebrity-dom, and most of them go the route of checking in through the back door, using an assumed name and, I don’t know…somehow they seem to do okay.

But that was apparently NOT ENOUGH for Jay-Z and Beyonce, who paid $1.3 MILLION TO RENT OUT AND REDECORATE a suite and BLOCK OFF A FLOOR. They took all the employee cell phones so that no one would snap a picture of Baby Carter, and they TAPED UP THE SECURITY CAMERAS so that there would be no footage of THEM. (And therefore, no footage of anyone else who might enter the hospital intent on doing something crazy to somebody else’s baby.)

I have never been a big Jay-Z fan or Beyonce. I think I have one or two of their songs on my iPod and the rest I couldn’t really give a shit about because frankly, especially when it comes to Beyonce, it all starts to sound the same. But this just turned me off. I mean, really, I’m happy that they have a baby, and I’m happy that it arrived healthy and sound, but the way this was handled just REEKS of self-importance. There was no need for them to take it to that level.

There are some dads out there who were prevented from getting in to see their wives and newborns, and if I were any of them I would SUE THE PANTS off the hospital, Jay-Z, Beyonce AND the goddamn baby. They are lucky as shit that I wasn’t in there giving birth because I would be PISSED AS HELL and LOUD ABOUT IT.  One man said all he wants is an apology. As far as I’m concerned, he’s aiming WAY too low. If these people have $1.3 million to spend on this foolishness, surely they could throw another half mil his way as a way of saying sorry.

And really, for $1.3 million, they could have hired doctors, nurses and all the damn equipment they wanted, and had that baby at HOME or in some PRIVATE PLACE where no one else would have been put out. Do like Brad and Angie – they rented out a hotel in Namibia.  I mean, that seemed a little over the top to me too and I’m sure there might have been other people with plans to stay there, but at least it was (only!) a vacation you were fucking with. Messing with people trying desperately to get in to see their KIDS? NEWBORN KIDS? Some of them in NICU?


As I said, never been a big fan to begin with, so I’m sure they won’t miss me, but…I’m done with them.  There’s been quite an outcry over their behavior, but what do you want to bet that their publicists and agents won’t even let them see it or hear about it? Not that they should NEED to…this should never have occurred to them as possible behavior in the first place. But apparently the only way they’ll KNOW that their behavior is disgusting is if people stop buying their branded products, going to their concerts, and treating them as though gold comes out of their asses whenever they sit on the toilet.

And alas, that probably won’t happen.

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2 Responses to “Delusions of Grandeur”

  1. TwoNuse says:

    I don’t understand why the main villains in L’Affaire Blue Ivy are Team Carter and not the hospital.

    Beyoncé & Jay-Z have NO responsibility towards other parents or infants. Lenox Hill does. When Team Carter came to the hospital with their privacy demands, someone should have politely but firmly refused. As should have any other hospital if Team Carter decided to hospital shop until either the demands become more reasonable or the kid is brought into the world in a Meatpacking District loft turned birthing center.

    Excess is easy to decry. Dereliction of duty deserves it more.

    • Leila says:

      You are absolutely right! I still think the parents suck, but people can only do what they are ALLOWED to do, so, as you say, if Lenox Hill had had the cojones to say no, this whole fiasco wouldn’t have happened.