So What Does This Sound Like to YOU?

So this conversation happened in our house the other day:

Tech Guru: Where are my balls?

Punksin: I don’t know.

Tech Guru: You guys keep playing with my balls.

Punksin: The last time I remembered you with them, you were putting them in my hand while I was asleep and that’s how you woke me up. 

Um, Mommy, why are you laughing?

That’s my husband…always shoving his balls in people’s hands while they’re sleeping. So RUDE.

(For the record, because there’s always some jackass out there who doesn’t get THE JOKE, Punksin was sleeping one morning with her hand outstretched and extended off the bed. The Tech Guru decided to wake her up by putting his juggling balls in her hand, one by one, to see if and when she would wake up. Obviously…she did. I’m not sure how many balls it took, though. JUGGLING balls, that is. JUGGLING balls.)


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2 Responses to “So What Does This Sound Like to YOU?”

  1. TwoNuse says:

    I would have guessed golf balls.