10 Years Later

I was in NYC on 9/11. I had gone into my office early to prepare for a meeting with a client, when The Tech Guru, to whom I was not yet married, called to ask if I’d heard about a plane flying into one of the Twin Towers. At that time, we thought it was […]

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Here, Have Some Spam for Breakfast

Those of you who blog know that we can get ridiculous amounts of spam. For every one legitimate comment from a REAL PERSON who has actually READ THE BLOG and has a valid COMMENT on something I’ve said, there are literally at least 100 ridiculous comments from some automated system or some poor schmuck who […]

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Sex, Lies and Videotape

Okay, I have to confess… There is nothing in this post about sex. Or videotape. (Which, when paired with sex, can apparently get you a whole reality show career that involves you sleeping with lots of sports stars and finally having a wedding in which you do not spend money but earn it, right Kim […]

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The Nuthouse Alternative

So remember I was thinking about committing myself? Well, I have always had a problem with commitment. I mean, hubby and I lived together for 4 years before I would even entertain the thought of marriage. So committing myself to an insane asylum mental health institution did not sit so well with me after I […]

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Mommy Needs A Mental Hospital

The past few days have been awful. For anyone looking to lose weight, I highly recommend stress and depression. I know many people turn to food when they become depressed and turn into chunksters, but I go the other route – I just stop eating. Not out of punishing myself but because I literally have […]

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