If You’re Having a Baby, Call Pudding

I absolutely love the names Pudding comes up with. I swear, I should get him to name people in my books.

His stuffed camel is named Humps.

A small stuffed bear he has is named Mr. Bearwinkles.

And his stuffed bulldog is RuffRuff.

I think he outdid himself yesterday, however, when he and his sister were pretending to be on a ship. The Tech Guru and I were working on a project he has due for a client but of course, as usual, the kids insisted that we “participate” somehow, which we did by yelling out orders every now and again.

I was Captain Mommy.

The Tech Guru, who is in great shape, was dubbed Captain Fat Pants.

Which made me double over with laughter.

The Tech Guru was not amused.


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One Response to “If You’re Having a Baby, Call Pudding”

  1. Yvo says:

    Ha! From the mouths of babes.

    PS You are hilarious (I read a few posts back as well).