The Vagina Monologues, It Ain’t

I admittedly suck when it comes to things like checking my blog stats. I don’t know why people come here, why they stay here, what the hell they do while they’re here, or why they leave. I just write what I want to write; the stats thing, I figure that’s The Tech Guru’s job. Every now and then, though, I look to see how many people have shown up to read my ramblings, and most days I could fit the amount of people comfortably into our house.

Actually, in a closet in our house.

In other words, Dooce, I am not.

But today, for some reason, I happened across the top search terms that are bringing lovely readers to my site.

#1 is hot female vagina.

Um, I’m not quite sure what to do with this information. Help me out here.

I know I write rather freely about whatever crosses my mind, including my period, but I don’t recall ever having referred to myself as having a hot female vagina. And if I’m not going to describe myself thusly I sure as hell am not giving that accolade to anyone else. I like my husband right here at home, thank you; I don’t need to be pointing out the hotness of other women’s vaginas to him.

So I’m a tad stumped, and if you have any ideas, please, share! (Although if any of those ideas involve you thinking I have a hot female vagina, please, I really don’t want to know.) And now that I’ve said hot female vagina another 4 times, I’m sure I’ll get bombarded by people who will arrive here and wonder why there aren’t any pictures of…well, that.

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