NEVER, I Tell You

Pudding announced this morning that he will not be getting married. And therefore, he added, we did not need to be getting him “married clothes,” whatever those are.

He has also announced – most of the things Pudding says come in the form of impromptu announcements that are totally apropos of nothing – that he will NEVER want to get a kiss on the lips.

Given that he has already shown a decided affection for a delightful little girl named Cara in his tennis class, and given that during playing in the house the other day he re-appeared from hiding in the living room to gleefully proclaim that he had been at a party in Australia WITH GIRLS, I think it’s safe to say that that whole idea is going to go straight to hell in a handbasket.

So you are my witness, let it be duly noted, blah blah blah and lots of other legalese, that my son said this on this day, June 24 of the year 2011.

Check back in about 13 years, okay?

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