It’s Hot and Beautiful Outside

…just like me.

In your face, Shit-oshi Kanazawa.

(I know, infantile…but what do you expect from a woman who hangs out with a 7-year old and a 3-year old all day?)

I’m feeling good.

It’s a long weekend.

The Tech Guru is already on his way home, although he just texted me that he is sitting in traffic hell.

The house is getting tidier by the minute. (This, you should know, is an achievement of massive proportions.)

I bought some soaps from The Soap Seduction.  They’re not here yet but knowing they’re coming makes me feel good. Come on, look at these soaps! They are so purty!!


Soaps from The Soap Seduction on Etsy

Given exactly how hot it is, I’m sure I’m gonna get good use out of these soaps.

Hot weather always puts me in a good mood.

That and Lexapro.

Which reminds me, I need some oranges for my sangria. I shouldn’t be drinking sangria with Lexapro, but…whatever.

And I’m feeling my creative vibes. I got some more crochet patterns and I have some great ideas floating around in my head that I will share with you when the stuff is outside my head and living in the world.

Have an AWESOME long weekend. Remember – it’s hot and beautiful outside. And so are you! (See, even though I hang out with two little kids all day I can SHARE, which is something they are NOT PICKING UP ON…sigh)



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