I Should Be…

blogging, which I am right now, but for a limited time only.

Because there are so many other things I want to be doing.



Drinking tea.




Long story short, the Tech Guru took the kids to the park and I have some time to myself.

Reminder: my kids are homeschooled. The Tech Guru works full-time. Out of the house. He commutes using the one car we have.

Which means I’m with the kids a LOT.

So right now, no kids? As my sainted grandmother says, I’m like a fart in a cane-bottom chair: I don’t know which way to go!

(Yes, she really does say that.)

By the time I figure it out, I guarantee you that I’ll hear the door opening downstairs and the tumble of little and not-so-little feet tramping up the stairs.

So…gotta go.


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