The Prince Flashbacks

Someone reminded me of a Prince song, which I had not heard or thought of in YEARS, so I went and listened to it again and…wow.  It’s funny how all of the emotions that you were living with when you heard a song frequently, just come rushing back to you and take up residence all over again.

Prince in particular is a good artist for that kind of music.  All of his music is, to me, period music. (As in a period of my life, not MY period.)  I realized how many of his songs were personal for me, and that there were several that, although they didn’t seem to be chronicling my life in their words, just spoke to me or made me feel good or sad or sexy or…something. I could always count on Prince to make me feel something.

So, I’m going through the discography and giving you my favorite Prince songs. These may not be the same songs that spoke to YOU. This is not what I believe to be his BEST work or some Top Ten list. It’s the songs I loved, period. (Again, not my period, just, you know, the period that means there will be no further discussion on why these songs are here.)

Here’s #1: Soft And Wet.

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