The Prince Flashbacks: Private Joy

Wow…this song takes me straight back to freshman college days (which is not when the song was released mind you…I’m not quite that old). I always thought this song was hot. And for some reason it reminds me of some guy I dated for a hot second named Ulysses. What the hell that’s about, I have no idea… The weird thing is, it also reminds me of how I was drifting then. Because I had just broken up with my boyfriend from high school – yes, he ended it – and I felt lost. You know, that kind of despair when you think life is over. This upbeat song was part of how I fought those waves of sadness and weird feelings, and at the same time they made me feel connected to my ex who was also a Prince freak. Which in hindsight, may not have been such a good idea. Whatever, I’m so over it now. But it’s funny to hear the song and remember how I felt back then. If I saw the ex on the street today I would feel NOTHING…but hearing the song transports me back to those feelings.

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One Response to “The Prince Flashbacks: Private Joy”

  1. Hehehe Prince! I’m judging you a little in my head.

    (You can judge me too, though, because the first CD I ever brought was by Westlife. And I had some very deep meaningful attachments to Spice Girls songs *blush*)