HERE! I’m Over HERE!

Revenge of the Nerds

I have to say right from the start, that I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. Really. I am grateful for every pair of eyes that takes the time to sit down and read the words of wisdom retarded shit I have to say.  Really.

A lot of my friends have been finding the blog through Facebook, which is great.  And a lot of y’all have told me that you’re reading my semi-coherent ramblings, and getting to know me better.  Yeah, one of you said you always thought I was just a goodie goodie. Big fucking smirk at that one.  Don’t you know they say still waters run deep?

But I was a goodie goodie back in elementary school and junior high, I admit.  What the fuck was I supposed to be, the neighborhood ho? I’m supposed to be studying and going to school at that age, for God’s sake. All of us were supposed to be doing that. So I’m sorry if my addiction interest in sex and alcohol blossomed a little later than the rest of the folks around the way, but you know WHAT?  I’m glad! I think it has a lot to do with why I don’t look or feel so tired and worn out now…you start too early, you burn out pretty fucking fast, from what I can see.

Anyhow, I’m digressing from my point, which is, if you read the blog, I’m happy to have you, you have no idea, because this is my lifeblood, heart and soul (to a point) and if you think it’s worth taking a peek, I am truly humbled.

Could you do me a favor though?

Could you comment about the blog…HERE? ON the blog?

I love you, people, I really really do. Seriously. I do! And it’s not that I don’t WANT private messages telling me you read the blog, because I love those too. But chime in HERE. Comment HERE.  Sit down, grab a beer, and stay a while. If you think I’m crazy, tell me that…HERE.  See that cute little comment box down below where it says LEAVE A REPLY? That’s there for YOU! To leave a…REPLY! Which can be anything from “Why do you talk about porn so much” to “Your kids are awesome” to “You are fucking brilliant” to “You are a douchebag”. (Although if you say I’m a douchebag, chances are your comment will somehow magically NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY. And if you say anything about me being a nerd back in the day but now you want to jump my bones, not only will you lose major cool points for pointing out that I was ever a nerd or a goody two shoes, but the Tech Guru will get all grumpy and start questioning me on every single male person who so much as says hello on the goddamn blog, and then I’ll get all pissed and need even more medication, and then… I’ll have to leave some foul shit on your Facebook page.)

Love you. Really.

Now comment, dammit.

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2 Responses to “HERE! I’m Over HERE!”

  1. Haha, I get the same thing over at my blog. People will go to facebook, and comment on my profile saying things like ‘This blogging thing’s a bit of alright!’ It boggles the mind! You had to click out of my blog, sign into facebook, and then find my profile…. You could have just clicked the comment button!

    Crazy people!

  2. Leila says:

    Yeah, what is THAT all about? DUH!!!