So Now I’m Clearly A Lexapro Ho

This shit is no joke. When did I start popping these suckers? Last Tuesday, I think? Well, I went out on Sunday evening and got in really late. And since I’ve already figured out that the best time for me to take these damn pills is right before I go to bed, I hadn’t take […]

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Life with Lexapro Thus Far

So… I went through most of yesterday feeling as though I was on the smallest nanosecond of a time delay.  I didn’t mind that too much, except when I was driving. My appetite was better as well, which is good for basic survival, I suppose, but I don’t want to put on any weight so […]

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Say Hello to Lexapro!

So, did the doctor thing yesterday evening. My last tweet just prior to leaving was asking whether it was okay to show up at a doctor’s appointment drunk. So, I sat in there and talked about my fucking feelings and thoughts and all that other bullshit, and the first thing she nailed is that I […]

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Reasons and Purposes

I saw this post today on a website about depression: I don’t need a reason to kill myself. I need a reason NOT to. I could die at any moment; the tragedy is that I don’t. That scared the shit out of me. Not for the person who wrote it, whom I sincerely hope is […]

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Upswing in the Medication

Several months ago when I went in for my long-overdue physical, my doctor gave me a scrip for Ativan, for the relief of the anxiety I anticipated having when we next went on a plane. Here we are, about 8 months later, and I have not been on a plane from then to now. And […]

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