Songs From My Past: Someone Saved My Life Tonight

I love music.

I don’t know too many people who hate it, but you know that thing that you did as a teen, lying in your bed in the dark listening to your Walkman and just zoning out or daydreaming? I still do that, just with an iPod. Music takes me away, to where I’ve been, where I wished I had been, where I’d like to go. That’s why I love to write to music – it helps me to get in the zone. Sometimes I get too far into the zone and I feel like I can’t write – but that’s exactly when I know that I must.

I’m going to throw one up here every few days.  For me, these are the songs that live in my soul and take me…somewhere.

I’m starting with this one. I always thought this song was beautiful but it gained far more powerful meaning much more recently.  When I was deep in depression, contemplating how many pills were the right ones to take me back to the realm of the stars, I would listen to this song and cry from the depths of my soul.  Yet it always reminded me that help was coming…if I could only hold on.

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