Songs From My Past: Open Sesame

Today is my cousin’s birthday, so it’s only fitting that I throw in a song today that reminds me of him.  When we were small we used to love this song. For some now completely inexplicable reason, we felt the need to do kung-fu whenever it came on.  We had a whole ritual: we would face each other, the gong would go off (that part is missing from this version, unfortunately), we would bow, and then go straight into all kinds of Bruce-Lee inspired shit that I’m sure did not resemble anything remotely like martial arts. You couldn’t tell us that, though.   He was Bruce Lee. And I was goddamn Michelle Yeoh. (Not that I knew who she was back then, but I love her now.)  Hell yeah.   Bring it!

You’ll note this is a live version.  So many of today’s songs and artists suck when you take them out of the studio, but this song is all about the horns and they absolutely kill it live.  It’s wonderful.

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