Sometimes, Shit DOES Happen…And It’s Hard To Deal With

iPad+potty=no poop; he's so busy playing games he forgets to push.

Update on the Pudding butt impasse:

He did poop.

Two days ago.

He did not poop yesterday. So far today, nada.

I can’t blame him. The poop that he did manage to push out was so hard and uncomfortable that I swear he got a taste of what it was like for me to push him out.  The laxative was forcing him to go but it was so tough, poor thing. I felt awful.

He felt better immediately afterwards, but seriously, no one wants to repeat that experience.  Grown people don’t want to go through that, so it’s no wonder that a 3-year old who is still perplexed about the whole poo-on-the-potty experience has decided to put his butt on lockdown.

Unfortunately, however, I am going to have take this shit to DefCon 4 level and go in with a suppository, which will then make it easier for him to just poop on the potty as opposed to giving birth to his poops.

Wish me luck.

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