Habitual Line-Steppers

This is one of my favorite lines from the saga of Rick James as told by Charlie Murphy on the Dave Chappelle show.

I get so tired of habitual line-steppers. I have one in my life who is, unfortunately, a family member and from the time we were teens she has continually crossed the line of appropriate behavior with any male with whom I become close. She tried sniffing around my husband too but he so quickly put the kibosh on that shit that it was almost funny. (Uh, look, FAM, you need to back the fuck up with that shit, okay?)

I usually try to avoid her when she starts pulling her I-want-to-hang-with-your-man-or-ex routine. Not that I am afraid to confront her on it – I already have – but more because I realize that in her twisted and psychologically warped brain, she will use that confrontation as some justification for further misbehavior. In her head, my “attack” will give her an excuse to act out further, some sort of warped victim mentality bullshit. Which is why I can’t ask or tell her to shape her shit up, but rather have to depend on the men she has approached throughout the years to tell her where to take her advances.  Thankfully, the decent ones have been able to spot her coming a mile off and have let her know in no uncertain terms that they were not interested in what she was offering – whatever the hell that was.

But still, people.  Aren’t we too old for this shit now? Aren’t we just too old to be habitual line-steppers? Shouldn’t we know how to shape our shit up and get it together? I’m not perfect, by any means, but with 40 years behind me already, I am have ample material to go over to see, gee, that shit isn’t working, maybe I should STOP IT NOW.

Then again, I guess if Rick James wasn’t too old with his crazy coked-up ass, I shouldn’t expect any more from anyone else.

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