The REAL Consequences of That Not-So-Fresh Feeling

The Tech Guru often comes home complaining about a certain lack of…hygiene amongst some of the peeps in his office.  I don’t think the airflow in there is so hot to begin with and then you add to that some b.o. and boy, you’ve got problems. (And headaches, according to the Tech Guru.)

A Real Tampax Ad...For Reals.

Most of us think of sweat, of course, but women can have odor issues too – of a whole other kind.  Hopefully you don’t often hear the words vagina and salary in the same sentence (unless you’re a porn star in which case, glad to have you, could you send some free DVDs?) but according to a certain feminine hygiene product, one of the most important things to make sure your income goes up, is to make sure your washcloth goes down.  Yes, lack of hygiene in the good old va-jayjay could be sabotaging you at the office. (Of course, if you’re a porn star, you already knew this, but for the rest of you office lackeys, surprise!)

Who knew?

Get the full details over at the Daily Kos where they broke it down for you, so don’t thank me…thank them. And pray you don’t smell like this chick.

From the Daily Kos: Want A Raise? Wash Your Vagina

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