SAMHSA’s Depressive Disorders Info

From the website of SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), a blurb on depressive disorders:

Depression: Beyond the blues

Everybody gets the blues sometimes—but depression is very different from the blues. About 18.8 million Americans experience depressive disorders that affect how they sleep, eat, feel about themselves, and live their lives. Depression has physical and emotional symptoms and cannot be wished away; people with depression can’t just “pull themselves together.” There are different types of depressive disorder, each with its own symptoms and treatment options. The good news? Depression can be treated, and people can recover.

If you need help, their website has searchable listings for services in your area.

For me, being a depressive is akin to being an alcoholic: I’m recovering, but the specter of the disease is always there, lurking around a corner, and I could succumb at any time.  Seeking help took the longest time for me – I didn’t recognize my feelings as depression and once I did, I still thought I could handle it on my own, that it would just “pass”.

It didn’t.

What I went through and how I got to the here and now is a long story I’ll share over time, but for now, suffice it to say that although I do feel better, the battle is still a daily one.   Getting help was an integral part of feeling better: it literally saved my life.

I’m happy that instead of feeling vanquished, I feel like a fighter.

Are you with me?

Thanks to my friend Dr. Cindy Crusto, Associate Professor of Psychology at Yale University School of Medicine, for the link and the information.

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