Me Like Pretty Things

Okay, I know it’s 2010.  And I know iPads are cool – we have one.  And I know there are all kinds of cool scheduling apps for it.  (Actually, there aren’t as many as I would have thought. Come on, developers, get with the program! Get it? Get with the program? Okay, yes, it’s lame and not funny. Who do you think I turn into at midnight, Stephen Colbert?)

And yes, I know Google has a calendar – I use it. Sometimes.

But I still love things like this…and I still want one.

Franklin Covey's Classic Rhapsody Daily Planner

(Note to Google: It’s been a while since that calendar came out; can’t you allow me to personalize it a little more? Because the visual aspect of the whole thing? Well, it’s getting a little old. If you guys can give your employees yoga classes and free shuttles to work and pool tables in the office, well, you can give the rest of us an updated look for the calendar. Especially now that Google Wave is gone – whatever the hell that was.)

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4 Responses to “Me Like Pretty Things”

  1. I love real day planners. I get so excited when I buy one every year. I know it would be smart to put all the information online but there is something so great about seeing it on paper : )

  2. Leila says:

    Me too! It’s there in your face and pretty – nothing online is PRETTY. As a writer I am still in love with pens and paper; taking me to a stationery store is like dropping a chocoholic in a Godiva Chocolate store.

    Okay, I think I just talked myself into buying a new planner.

  3. Ooh, good post, and I agree – have the iPhone and blackberry and outlook and google and all the gadgets, and think am getting a paper day planner this year, something smart and sharp — feels like that is the way to start off a new year right!

    • Leila says:

      I’m thinking Franklin Covey…they have a nice mom planner thingy in there that doesn’t look too mommy-ish. If anyone has suggestions from smaller companies, let me know – I’m all about supporting the little people.