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I saw this little tidbit of wisdom a couple of days ago on Facebook.   I refuse to “like” any bullshit with hearts after it because it all comes from apps made by people hiding out in Slovakia who are just looking to harvest your personal information (you do know this, right?) but I was moved, people, moved, by the simple truth of it.  So I decided I would post it here.

“Illegal immigration is not a new problem.  Native Americans used to call it “White People.””

Native american toy surrounded by pirats

Oh yeah! Remember that? That whole go-over-and-take-over-and-move-people-over-to-reservations thing? Right, that.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that today, the country’s borders should be wide open with anyone allowed to just mosey on up in here to do God knows what.  What I am against, though, is the absolute venom and hostility that is spewed when talking about illegal immigrants, most of whom are here doing shit work that no one else wants to do anyhow.  We’re in a recession, and yet the lines to apply for the janitorial jobs and the orange-picking gigs aren’t exactly winding around the block filled with hard-working Amerikins. So who the fuck are these people supposedly taking the jobs away from?

If I walk in my house and someone is up in here stealing my goddamn TV or kidnapping my kids, I shoot first and ask questions later.  But if I walk in my house and someone is up in here cleaning the stove and doing the laundry and harvesting some vegetables from out back, well, I don’t know about you, but there’s going to be a slight pause while I consider my options. I’m not going to be immediately rushing them out the door with the quickness, throwing fruit after them (thanks for the pie, but don’t you know you need to be legal to pick apples and bake pastries up in here, bi-atch?)  Maybe more like “Wow, this is awesome, so how about you get the process rolling on getting some papers so that we can both get full benefits from this, because I really appreciate that my house is spotless and my pool is clean and my laundry is folded and even that thanks to you backing up my Latin husband my kids can speak another language and at least appear to give a fuck about the rest of the world and not be narcissistic dumb-ass Americans who think that everyone MUST speak English because we are supposedly the leaders of the not-really-all-that-free world.”

I’m just saying.

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