I Almost Didn’t Post This But LeVar Burton Kind Of Said It Was Okay

I saw this thanks to someone who tweeted a link to it, and thought it was the funniest thing I have seen in forever.  If it’s not your cup of tea, too bad for you, but I loved it.

Why didn’t I almost post it? Well, I tweeted the person it’s about to see if he would mind, because it’s a little raw and I figured I’d give him the chance to say “I don’t actually like this,” buuut

since he didn’t respond, I’m gonna take that as “you have my blessing, my child.” Apparently he only responds to lame tweets asking stupid questions like what his favorite children’s book is, how do you spell cat, and did it hurt to wear the visor. That last one I’m sure he’s answered like a million fucking times already. Maybe he saw my picture on Twitter and thought I was some heifer trying to sniff him out.  Because of course it’s always been my fantasy to sleep with Geordi…puh-LEEZE.  Don’t you know I have the hots for Capt. Picard? I like a man  in charge!

So here ya go.  I wish I knew who created it because I would definitely give them credit, but it seems to have taken on a life of its own…it’s all over the place.  If this is too “ghetto” for you, I’m sorry.

No, actually, I’m not. Every time I read it again I laugh until I cry.

Update:  I just felt the need to tell you, which you would have guessed if you’d read this, that I actually am a Star Trek fan, and I thought LeVar Burton was great as Geordie.  I am not a Trekkie, though.  God bless them, but Trekkies are slightly insane people who have entire conversations in Klingon and who will do crazy shit like this:

Whoa. I guess she REALLY likes the show.

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