Eight Years and Counting

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary.

Not long by some standards, a lifetime by others.  Including mine – I was never big on long relationships. I’d reach the 2-year mark and then find myself wondering, why am I here again? Okay, folks, time to hit the road!  Supposedly it’s a Sagittarian thing, us not being that cut out for marriage because we hate getting our wings clipped. (Or hooves, in this case.)  It’s not that we want to sleep around or see other people.  It’s that we want to know we don’t have to see you.  (Trust me, I didn’t ask to be this way.  It’s not my fault.)

Then I met my husband. I don’t know if he was magical or if I changed.  I’m a big believer in right time, right place.  I guess that’s what happened with us.

Of course with 2 kids and life in general, we’ve had our ups and downs – but lots more ups than downs, and usually the downs have been on my side (depression, anyone? yeah, you’ll hear that word a lot, sorry).   But you know what? The fire is still there.  I don’t just love my husband, I actually like him.  And that’s saying a lot, cuz I don’t like a whole lot of people, including some I’m related to.

This year, I’ve cooked and we’ll eat in and celebrate quietly, because neither of us got our act together in time to plan something.  But neither one of will be offended or hurt or put out. Truth be told, we don’t feel the need to go out all out and make a connection on our anniversary, because we really try to do that every day, even if it’s a word, a gesture, a look, a kiss, a caress, some goddamn thing to show that we remember why we got married in the first place.

Here’s to you, hubby.  You’re AWESOME – and so is my life with you.

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