So I’ve been doing bootcamp for, what, 5 weeks now? With one week off?

I’m starting to see some changes, people!!

Legs: starting to look more toned. And about an inch or two off the hips.

Weight: down 5 pounds, which puts me squarely BACK into the body of my 20s, thank you very much.  Five pounds is not a lot to have to lose but it was annoying the shit out of me.  Pants fitting a leetle too tight, dresses hugging the hips instead of flowing. It is amazing what five goddamn pounds can do to sabotage your diva look, I tell you.

Arms: My arms were never a problem, really.  I mean, for the past 6 years I have been hoisting 20-30 pounds several times a day in the form of one kid or another.  Still, I do see a tad more dieselishness.  I love it.

Knees: Now this is where I have a problem.  My knees have been shot to hell since junior high. Oddly enough, the muscles around the knees feel stronger and that certainly helps my knees to be more stable.  Still, though, the shooting pain can’t be a good thing, and although my trainer taught me how to squat in such a way as to take the pressure off, I still feel like the left one is inflamed.  I could go to the doctor, but if I tell you that over the past 20 years I’ve been to the doctor at least 10-15 times about this same knee, only to let the followup fall by the wayside…well, you’d just smack me. So pretend I didn’t mention it, okay?

Abs: Pesky fuckers, abs are.  Mom belly is not fun and although mine is not awful,  I want my stomach to actually be more toned than it was before I had kids.  I have a lot of work to do. But I love crunches in all forms so…I think I can do this, people.

Overall, I feel wonderful.

Tomorrow, another day of bootcamp, which, with the summer passing swiftly, now starts before the sun comes up.

What will you be doing at 5:30 in the morning?

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