Okay, again with the Chookooloonks, but today she initiated #complainfreemondays on Twitter.  I think that, for the most part, it’s been a success: people have tried to find the good in things they might normally gripe about, like the sheer fact of it being Monday, or the gloomy weather outside.

But it is interesting to see the people that resist it.  Mondays are so about complaining in our society. Another day back to work, to a job we may not like, or a mean boss, or school, or whatever.  It’s become part of our culture to Thank God It’s Friday and to hate Sunday evening and Monday.

I so understand. I lived it for a long time, and while we can all talk about being grateful for a steady paycheck, the truth is that for most of us, that’s not enough. We’d like to have some enjoyment in that job, or feel appreciated for what we do.  Happiness can seem elusive when we’re tired, overworked, and underappreciated, with a laundry list of seemingly joyless tasks.

But that’s all the more reason to embrace something new. The world is not going to change. What can change, however, is our reaction to the world around us.  We can choose to be annoyed, disgruntled and angry, or we can choose to find the good.   We can choose to look at the weeds or the roses in our days.  (Someone else said that, but I can’t remember who right now…)

It’s not easy to change overnight.  God knows I know. But making a conscious effort not to complain, and to tweet only those things that are pleasant or uplifting, is a gift to ourselves.  The more we send out positive, the more we bring in.

I did tweet something today about a little boy named Declan Carmical, who died just a few days ago of cancer.  He was only 11 months old. The blog his parents set up while he was alive show a boy with a beautiful smile, vibrant with life, undergoing things we would wish on NO child.  Now he is gone and you look at him and I don’t care how you rationalize it, this child should be here. He was absolutely goddamn beautiful!  I cried. And I tweeted about it, and I hope Chookooloonks understands that my tweet was not to bring sadness, but to make those of us who are parents (and many of us are) appreciate our children. It can be really easy to complain about them too.  Today I look at mine as they run amok and get into mischief, and I thank God that they are here with me to do that. I know Declan’s parents would give anything to see their son throwing a water balloon, or peeing and missing the toilet, or throwing a tantrum about vanilla milk, as I have seen today.

Those things will never happen for them. But they happen here all the time, and today, I am not complaining about them. Far from it.  I will clean up the pee-pee while laughing about the fact that Pudding chose to visualize his penis as some sort of meteor-destroying laser gun.  I’m going to throw a water balloon BACK at my kids and run until they tackle me and we fall over laughing and breathless.  Then we will eat the chocolate chip cookies that we made together while Pudding drinks his FIFTH VANILLA COW MILK (as he calls them) of the day.

Your day, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Today, I see my children, and I see good.

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