A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

That’s a little Mister Rogers for you.

It actually is a beautiful day.  A tad too cool for my tastes but I guess that’s what happens when you live in the Northeast; eventually, fall starts to rear its ugly orange, yellow and brown head.

So this is when I need to go into overdrive to battle Claude, which in the past has meant spending sprees, drinks before, during and after dinner, and an eventual descent into hibernation.

This time, though, it’s going to be about bright colored clothing, and staying busy, and typing until my fingers bleed. And also getting out more, allowing myself to be touched with strong autumn winds and soft flakes of snow, getting back together with people I love but rarely see.  I can’t just stay inside and lament the shortening days.  That leads down a dangerous path.

So off we go to the park on a day that feels cool and therefore somewhat sad to me, despite the sunshine. I’m channeling Mister Rogers and if you see me walking down the street acting like a completely silly ass with my kids, don’t judge me. I’m having fun, and I’m keeping myself alive.

Late Summer

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