Bootcamp Day 3

All cardio, all day.

Well, okay, not all day, just a whole hour. But still! It felt like all day to me.

We did timed miles.  I was aiming for an 11-minute mile but I think I farted out a measly 13-minute.  Ugh! Can you tell I don’t run anymore? Who IS this person?

Still, I love that I don’t care.  Or rather, that I care enough to change it as opposed to being so mortally ashamed of it that I slink away and do nothing.  There was a time when I would have died before posting that time here.  But the only way I’ll improve is to stick at it, and the only way I’ll know if I’m improving is if I measure my awful state now so that I can see how I’ve improved later.

Yeah, that secret fear is still there, that somehow, I will be the one person in the universe that sees no improvement. And I know that that is absolutely ridiculous and actually against the laws of biological sense, but still, it sits there taunting me – I’m going to go through bootcamp and run a 15-minute mile at the end, that’s what I secretly fear.  But I’m sticking to it regardless and if by some fluke that actually happens, I’ll deal with that when it happens.

Onward! Or as the Baby Pharaoh’s newest friend Buzz Lightyear would say, to infinity – and beyond!

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