Bootcamp Day 2

First off, Dumb Ass – that would be me – remembered to eat something in the morning.  That something was a small relatively light protein shake with some oats thrown in for carbs, but the protein powder, which had touted its lack of aspartame and other similar cancer-in-lab-rats fake sugars, was made with stevia.

I don’t know about you but I find the taste of stevia to be vile.  It literally makes me want to hurl.  And I can personally tell you that wanting to hurl just prior to an hour of bootcamp?  Not such a fabulous feeling!

Still, rinsing out my mouth just before I left the house helped, and at least I did not feel as though I would pass out on the damn field.

We did a lot of leg work, which was great because like most women who end up in bootcamp, I am not too thrilled with the shape of my legs. That whole Y thing is just one aspect, but physical shapeliness aside, they’re just not strong anymore.  Which is unacceptable, since I anticipate having to do lots of ass-kicking as my daughter grows ever more beautiful by the minute. (What, you thought only dads go after the suitors? Not in my house.)

Lots of lunges.  Work with resistance bands.  Squats.  Yes, baby, I felt the burn.

Tomorrow is cardio day.  Cardio scares the shit out of me because I have no cardio stamina whatsoever. But, that’s why I’m doing this.  So tomorrow, when she times us for a mile and it takes me the full hour of bootcamp to complete, I won’t care.  There are a lot of women who are overweight in the camp, lots of women who are out of breath.  Far from scorning them, I admire them – because they’re OUT there, and that is more than can be said of a lot of people.  And for a long time, I was one of the lots of people sitting on my ass doing nothing about my gradually declining state.

But now, I ‘m out there.  So even if it takes me way longer than I’d like, I know it’s a step in the right direction. I’m out there and that’s what counts.

Self and Fitness mags always have these great stories of women who were in terrible shape and are now running 5Ks, marathons and even doing triathlons.  I really find these stories inspirational because they show that it’s never too late.  The only thing that worries me is the incredibly sorry state of my knees, which can become quite painful during exercise, but I’m going to hope for now that by strengthening the muscles around them that I can improve things. I don’t want to do surgery – I considered it some years back but the idea scares the shit out of me, frankly. So we’ll start with what I can do by myself and see how it goes from there.


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