Watching My Back

Today Punksin and I had our first history lesson using K12.  We’d previously been using another curriculum provider for history and although my bookworm self loved it, I realized that it was a tad too much reading and not enough doing-of-other-stuff.

We had to do a little review to be sure she knows all they expect her to know going forward, and today’s review lesson was about the ancient Greek philosophers, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

At the end of the lesson, she was told to read several philosophical questions and circle the ones she would find the most interesting to discuss.  A blank space was left at the bottom of the page for her to come up with her own philosophical question.

Okay, number one: she circled all of the questions.  I had to reel her in on that one because I saw it for what it was: laziness.  She protested that she did think they were all interesting, and I’m sure she did, but I know my daughter and she likes to pull that “I-like-all-of-them” routine when it comes to answering certain questions because it’s easier than actually THINKING about something and analyzing it.

I erased all of the circles and forced her to pick 3.  I’m sure she probably just closed her eyes, put the pencil to the paper and was done with it.

Then it was on to her burning philosophical question, which as it turned out, was:

Do children really need their parents?

When I read that one it was all I could do not to laugh out loud, but even as I laughed internally, I couldn’t help wondering: where the hell did that come from?  Punksin is no idiot; she knows we don’t take rudeness so she’s gotten quite clever at dropping the innocently disguised bombs whenever she’s annoyed about something.  Sometimes I worry that she’s already displaying passive-aggressive tendencies, which I so don’t want, so I encourage her to speak up if she is upset or angry about something, as long as she does so respectfully.  Still, I couldn’t think of anything negative that had happened today, so I chalked it up to pure philosophical musing and we laughed and talked about it and all was fabulous.

Still, I’m keeping an eye on her.  I don’t need her going all Lyle-and-Eric-Menendez on my ass.  I gave her extra kisses at bedtime and told her I love her, which I really really do.  And maybe tomorrow I’ll casually ask her who she thinks would drive her to Girl Scouts and take her on field trips and have picnic with her if her dad and I suddenly DISAPPEARED.

Hopefully that will sink in, but just in case…

I’m sleeping with one eye open and a can of Mace under my pillow.

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