Bootcamp Day One

Today was Day 1 of my bootcamp experience, the one that I decided to sign up for when I realized that I had those hips.  You know, the ones where it looks as though someone has taken two stuffed pork chops and slapped them on to your hips?  At this point you no longer look […]

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He’s Got Moves, Baby

Today at the playground, Pudding, who has up until very recently been the shy kid hiding behind my skirt, got quite chatty with a little girl he encountered. He walked up to her immediately and went IN HER FACE, and said: “My name is [Pudding]. I’m 2. I go pee-pee and poo-poo.” The little girl […]

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Watching My Back

Today Punksin and I had our first history lesson using K12.  We’d previously been using another curriculum provider for history and although my bookworm self loved it, I realized that it was a tad too much reading and not enough doing-of-other-stuff. We had to do a little review to be sure she knows all they […]

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