Today is disgustingly humid in my neck of the woods.

I LOVE it.

So, feeling happy, inspired, and downright energetic, I opted to move some furniture around and do some deep cleaning in the house.

Among about a thousand things I unearthed was a notebook I gave to Punksin.  Like her father and me, she is prone to making lists.  This one was in the book. I reproduce it here for you exactly as it was written:


  • Wath Amazeing Race.
  • Have Picknick.
  • have Japanez food.
  • Bruth teeth.
  • go pody.
  • go to sleep.
  • give kisses to momy and Daddy.
  • say goodnight.
  • put on pajamas.
  • have fun tomorw.

I don’t know which made me laugh more, the spelling or the order of the nighttime ritual.  I love that kisses are still important enough to put on a list, though.  And I have to remember that having fun should ALWAYS be on the to-do list.


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2 Responses to “Plan’s”

  1. Bernadette says:

    Gotta love it, she’s adorable!

  2. Cat Lady says:

    This post put a smile on my face, I love young happy children!