It’s One of Those Days…

…where the Universe seems to be conspiring to give you a bad-ass day.  But as I have been reading over and over, and am trying to incorporate into my day-to-day thinking, it’s not so much the events in life themselves, but your outlook on those events.  So I’m maintaining my upbeat outlook; for the past couple of days I have been feeling really wonderful, and I don’t want to let some glitches in the matrix disturb my overall equilibrium.  All of this is temporary, and life is steadily improving.

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One Response to “It’s One of Those Days…”

  1. Hey,

    It was lovely meeting you and your kids at the Cooper Mill thing. We thought the whole thing was brilliant..we’re science/nature geeks though (particularly Leo and I) – my husband wasn’t in a great mood that day though..sigh.

    linked through and found your blog..
    it’s funny/touching hit a nerve w/me for SO many reasons – too many to go into here

    love to chat – kid/mama playdate – at my messy book strewn house?
    my 80 year old in-laws just departed after 5 days here & we have 2 more days of “real” school yet this week for L nerves are raw..! email me directly – best, B.