Is It Over Yet?

Today, I mean.

It has been one of those days, a day in which things go wrong, people get on your nerves, and the general outlook is anything but rosy.  Nothing too tragic, but the little things tend to add up.

The highlight has been the jury duty, to which I must report tomorrow.  Except that I just discovered I was supposed to report today.

I was not intending to be a shirker.  I was all ready to report.  I was actually looking forward to it, as it would get me out of the house sans children for a bit., although as it got closer reality struck – The Tech Guru could maybe watch them for a day or two, but what if I got picked for a trial?  What I hoped was that I would be there for 3 days of bliss – have you ever thought of jury duty as bliss?- and then be allowed back home.

But for some reason I had the 10th stuck in my head and when I read the little notice today for more information, I saw the big ooops.

To make matters ever more pleasant, the Tech Guru, who has known for some weeks that this was a possibility and who agreed that at least on day one, he would take care of the kids, all of a sudden cannot do so.  So now, I will be reporting to jury with two mini-jurors, which, I am sure, will get me out of there pronto. Not at all what I had planned, and made worse by the fact that I will be reporting a day late.  I have no idea what that means for me.

There have been various other nuisances today, most of them rather mild but in light of the mood of blackness, they loom ominously.

I am not checking any more emails, answering any more phones, or dealing with anyone outside of this house for the remainder of the day.

That may well go for tomorrow too.

I need to get back to meditating.  I dearly wanted to last night but I had let my closet space become overrun with clothes, not exactly the ideal environment for meditation, so I spent last night’s effort cleaning it up.  Tonight, I will meditate if it kills me.  And then I will go to sleep.  And then I will drop hubby off at the bus and then I will report to jury duty with a 5-year old and 23-month old in tow, which will I’m sure, cause much consternation.  Be assured, Judiciary of Passaic County, that this was not my intent.  I am merely trying to avoid the promised $500 maximum fine and punishment that is meted out to those who do not report.

I really hope tomorrow feels better than today has felt.

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