Today something wonderful happened for the first time.  Just now, not even 5 minutes ago. My son, the affectionately named Pudding, climbed up onto my lap with glee and began holding open my eyelids to say “Hi Mommy” and “Hello Mommy.”  He thought this was pretty funny.  I was just focused on keeping my eyes […]

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It’s One of Those Days…

…where the Universe seems to be conspiring to give you a bad-ass day.  But as I have been reading over and over, and am trying to incorporate into my day-to-day thinking, it’s not so much the events in life themselves, but your outlook on those events.  So I’m maintaining my upbeat outlook; for the past […]

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Why Professional Web Designers Hate People with Champagne Tastes and Beer Money

When I worked at Food & Wine, we used to talk about the advertisers that came in wanting the world – but had next to no money to pay for it. The Tech Guru has had a client like this recently and it has been very frustrating – to both of us. First of all, […]

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Last night, as Punksin lay sleeping, I looked at her, astounded at the little young lady she is already becoming.  She has long graceful legs, balanced, I’m glad to say, with a beautiful face that still has remnants of baby fat. I ached to hug her and hold her in my lap, to have her […]

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Is It Over Yet?

Today, I mean. It has been one of those days, a day in which things go wrong, people get on your nerves, and the general outlook is anything but rosy.  Nothing too tragic, but the little things tend to add up. The highlight has been the jury duty, to which I must report tomorrow.  Except […]

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Lies and Fumbles

A few days ago, Punksin mentioned something along the lines of never meeting her grandmother (my mother).   I told her that she had indeed met her, right after she was born, but that she hasn’t seen her since. Of course she wanted to know why she hasn’t seen her since.  I don’t even remember the […]

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