Zombie Ants

Every year I know spring has arrived when the parade of ants makes its annual trip to Mecca, i.e. my house.  Since ants do not disturb me in quite the same way that roaches or mice do, they’re only a minor nuisance.  To me, anyhow.

Today, one happened to be crawling across the rug in the playroom.  Pudding thought it was worth taking a swipe at, an activity I left him fully engrossed in when I went to do… something or other.

Shortly thereafter, Punksin rushed up to me all out of breath to announce that “we did an accident.”

(Aside: I love the innocence of this statement. She’s not clever enough yet to deflect culpability by merely saying that there was an accident.  One day…but not yet.)

Anyhow, I asked for more information.

She told me that:

Pudding was hitting the ant and he took off its head!!

Not knowing quite how to respond, I said something incredibly stupid along the lines of that the ant would “be okay.”  (DUH)

Clearly smarter than I am, she replied:

No he won’t! Now he’ll have to live the rest of his life dead!!!

Now, that sucks.

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One Response to “Zombie Ants”

  1. Audrey says:

    I love this story. Too funny and brilliant.