Unique Homeschool Materials For Sale?

If you didn’t know, I homeschool my kids.

No, I am not any kind of fundamentalist.  I pay my taxes and am not trying to create my own nation.  I do not own a gun.  I homeschool my kids because Punksin is too smart to continue pre-K and, in the town where I live, the school system is not up to the level that I would desire.  I want her to have fun learning, to be respected for her intelligence, and in most of the nearby places where this would happen, I would have to go back to work just to pay her tuition.  Therefore, I have taken on the task of teaching her myself.

At this time of year, many homeschooling families dump whatever materials they’ve been using to make room for next year’s stuff.  On various homeschooling groups I’m seeing For Sale posts, people selling math manipulatives, textbooks, workbooks, resources they no longer need.

Well, today, let me tell you.  My kids have been in such a rare state of behavior that the only thing I’m considering selling is them.

Of course, the glass of wine I am currently imbibing may soften that emotion somewhat.  That or bedtime, when they once again return to that angelic state also known as unconsciousness.

Today, it cannot come fast enough.

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