The Internet

Right now, at this very moment, I find it all so boring…all the twittering, all the blogging, all the websites, all the news, all the videos, just one fat yawn.  The idiot box is no longer the TV-it’s your laptop, sucking you in with a wasteland of crap, enticing you to go on and on about your unimportant little melodramas, throwing tidbits of news your way so that you can feel there’s some value to the hours and hours spent online. It’s like watching wrestling all weekend and then patting yourself on the back because at the end of it all you watched a half-hour of 60 Minutes.

I say all this but the irony does not escape me that here I am, prattling on about it as though I, too, have something to say that could be remotely interesting to anyone but me.  Is that hubris?  Or just hope? I don’t know.

Ah well.  Tonight, right now, I feel vaguely annoyed at the internet but I’ve already understood that feeling to be futile.  After my rest tonight I am sure I will bounce back tomorrow, ready to drink the Kool-Aid once more.

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