The Vacation to Nowhere

I am in the throes of vacation planning.

The way it’s going, we are going to end up spending our vacation right here in our house.

My criteria seem to be so complex as to render this task impossible.  Or rather, possible if I am willing to ante up insane amounts of money.

Willing? Yes.

Able? No.

I want a direct flight.

I want a beach – a calm one.

I want more than one restaurant on-site.  Because this time around we don’t want to leave the property until it is time to head back to the airport.  That is how tired we are.

I would like all-inclusive.

I want pampering.  Or something close to it.

I can achieve all of this wonderfulness for approximately $4000.  We need this vacation very badly.  But we also need our $4000 not to be sucked away by 7 days on a beach.

Ah well. Back to the drawing board.  It’s out there somewhere, I know it is.

Oh where, oh where has my hotel gone, oh where, oh where can it be…

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