The Return of Godzuki

Pudding is back.

It has been a rough few days in our house.  Earlier in the week, maybe on Monday, he lay down for a nap, woke up, and hurled all over the place.  And then continued this most ungentlemanly behavior for the rest of the afternoon, evening and well into the wee hours.

By sunrise on Tuesday I was literally delirious and the Tech Guru had to work from home to help out (fat lot of good that was, he had to be holed up in his office half the time).  I think I’d slept a sum total of one hour that night, caught in dribs and drabs as Pudding and I sat up on the couch watching TV with me giving him sips of Pedialyte.

On Tuesday the hurling continued.

Then that evening the fever set in.  And he was, by then, weak from not eating for a whole day.  The vomiting had stopped but truth be told, there wasn’t anything left to vomit. He perked up for a bit and I thought with one night of rest he’d bounce back.

Yesterday, he stopped vomiting and progressed to some lovely diarrhea of a rather sunny shade of yellow.  He was awake and alert but spent pretty much all day lying limp against me or on the couch.  It was kind of scary actually.  By evening his head was literally lolling and I was hoping I wouldn’t have to resort to IVs.

This morning he woke up looking as sunny as his diarrhea.

At first he wouldn’t eat.  I’m sure his tummy was distended and weirded out.  But then he took one bite of sausage.

From there, he began pretty much inhaling everything in sight.

And went back to smacking the hell out of his sister.

He’s back!

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