Danny Evans Is Now Following Me on Twitter!

Danny Evans is following me on Twitter!

This is a mind-blowing thing, considering that I have yet to really figure out the purpose of Twitter beyond sending people the most mundane up-to-the-minute details of life.

I’m on the toilet reading Caribbean Travel & Life.

I just farted.

I fell asleep watching Fringe.

Does anyone really want to know those details?  Is everyone else out there having way more exciting lives than I am? Cause that’s all I got right now.

Danny Evans – who is, for the ignorant among you, the genius behind Dad Gone Mad, one of the FUNNIEST BLOGS EVER – is following me, and I’m so lame on Twitter.

The Tech Guru challenged me to Tweet every day.

First of all, I thought we were Twittering.  But apparently you do not Twitter, you Tweet.  Or your Twitters are called Tweets. Or is that Twats?

Wait…that’s a whole other thing entirely.  Twitter for ho’s?

I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.

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