Today Was Just Peachy

I have had so little time – and, admittedly, desire – to write here consistently.  What that means, of course, is that I’ll end up having to fill in some blanks for my legion of adoring fans.

The real short version: I am homeschooling Punksin.

Not forever, I’d say.  Just for now.

And I have to tell you, we’re having fun!

Yes, she wears my ass out by the end of the day.  She and her brother, the infamous Puddin’, are probably completely responsible for my ability to maintain a low weight.  They literally keep me hopping.  With him alone it was getting crazy as he got more active, but now with him on the verge of walking, and her home all day, this is a very busy house.

Of course, we got some comments as the “news” came out.  Nothing outright rude or outrageous – most people were actually vocally supportive – but you could sense the questions.  Not of my ability, but of my sanity.

But we are having fun.  I found a curriculum I like because I think having some structure is good for me.  But I’m free enough to skip a day or two, to recognize that going to the store, or a museum, can be a learning adventure in itself.

Today, we went peach-picking!

The farm was about an hour away and I was a little worried that on the way back Pudding would scream the whole way (because he has done this before).  But he was cool.  Slept on the way there, and fell asleep again on the way back.  While we were there, he was hanging out hard in the stroller, which I pushed down the orchard paths.  It was really fun, and because the peaches were hanging so low, Punksin got to pick several herself, which of course made all the difference to her.

We had a wonderful day.  The skies were blue with white fluffy clouds, there was a brisk but warm breeze, and life just seemed full of possibility but also good in what it was right then.  We picked peaches, and then we cut our own flowers so we could have a special bouquet for the Hacker when he got home, and then we bought ice cream and sat on the grass eating it while watching horses and sheep gently nuzzle their fence in a plea for sharing.  Pudding played in the grass and marveled at the horse, Punksin delighted in feeding the horse handful after handful of grass and me, well I was able to put aside my worries – nope, haven’t blogged about those either and don’t want to – and just breathe fresh air and indulge in something simple and earthy with my kids.

And now, I need to look up some peach recipes. Becase there is no way we can eat all these goddamn peaches before they go bad.

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