The Swinging of My Pendulum

I used to love me some Bill Clinton. No, really. I thought the man could do no wrong, even with the whole Monica mess. As far as I was concerned, his biggest mistake wasn’t sleeping around on Hillary, it was choosing a girl who couldn’t keep her trap shut. Not that I don’t value marriage and all that, mind you – but it was none of my damn business, or anyone else’s in America outside of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.

But over the past few months, he – and his wife, of whom I have never been a fan – have really begun to Piss Me The F— Off.

I’m not going into the negative campaigning, although that was certainly when my about-face started. Started and finished, I should say, because I have long since decided that I am no longer a Clinton fan, of either gender. But I had hoped that now, with the Democratic party needing to move forward in unison, that the two of them would work towards making that happen, get behind the main dude and appear honest and complete in their support.

Instead, first, we have to lend her ass money for her campaign debt.

Uh, why? Why? I hated the way she campaigned so viciously against Obama and now my broke ass is supposed to finance her negativity? REWIND AND COME AGAIN?

And now, we have to have a roll call at the DNC, if you please, so that all of her bitter supporters who want to cry sexism the minute you point out anything wrong with the woman, can stand up and declare their love for her and their pointed lack of support for Obama – despite the fact that this is now supposed to be a moot point. And why do they need to go through this charade? To pay respect to her and all of her accomplishments. She needs to be “acknowledged”.

I mean, can you believe the hubris? If the tables were turned and Hillary was the (presumptive) nominee and Barack demanded to be paid some sort of homage, her supporters would be crowing about him being unable to back down because he is a man, and needing to have his ego stroked, and all other kinds of bullshit. But for Hillary, we must show that we respect her.

Well I don’t. I am a woman, and I would LOVE to see a woman in the White House. I find it amazing that it is even still a goal, when other supposedly less advanced or sophisticated countries, both to our south and to our east, have had female leaders. But as a thinking intelligent woman, I will not support someone in a bid for the White House just for having a vagina, just as I do not support Barack Obama merely because he and I share some ethnicity. I hate to say it – I really really do – but when the Republicans were slinging arrows at the Clintons and calling them, among other things, arrogant self-important people who would stop at nothing to keep control…well, I don’t agree with a lot of what the Republicans did and said, but I think they nailed some things on the head.

Here’s what I “acknowledge”: Hillary and Bill are poor losers. The only positive thing I can say about them is that at least they are showing their true colors – I’ve always been amazed at how politicians can be so negative one day and then get on someone’s bandwagon the next, but the Clintons ain’t doing it, oh no. Their mouths are moving but they’re not really saying the words. They assumed Black support while at the same time making snide racial references to Obama’s “fairytale” dream – and now that the fairytale has proceeded this far, they continue to demand some type of respect instead of graciously giving any. I wholeheartedly believe that she hasn’t really urged her supporters to get behind Obama. She might have said the words but her supporters – like me – don’t believe she means them, not for one second. And so they continue to rally behind her, all in the name of womanhood, a cause I firmly support but which is not the point RIGHT NOW.

They just don’t get that.

I will not support her EVER – and the lovefest I had for her husband is OVER. Show some grace – and I don’t mean female grace, I mean human grace – and I might think about it. But that’s not going to happen, unless it is long after we all bow down to Empress Hillary. And then it’s not grace, is it?
It’s just false modesty.

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One Response to “The Swinging of My Pendulum”

  1. Audrey says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. Although they managed to look like they supported Obama and meant it in their conventions speeches. Still, thank God that role call nonsense is over! I felt the same way as you about Hillary, although was only tepid until she started campaigning the way she did. But you know I loved Bill, too until he started acting like an angry old redneck. Nasty. So undignified for an ex President! Take a tip from Jimmy Carter or Al Gore, Billy and go build houses for the poor or try to save the environment or something.