Time Flies When…You’re Busy

Wow, how did it get to be June 13th already?

It’s been crazy.

I’ve been planning our vacation.

Pudding is slithering everywhere like an anaconda and is PULLING UP ON THINGS.  It is only a matter of time before he makes like a homo sapien and walks on two feet.  And then we’re really in trouble.

The Hacker is doing the usual IT grind and also has upped his training schedule so that he can fully return to Hot Stud status, a regimen that seemed to be working nicely for about a week until he got what his Indian boss referred to as “loose motions.”  (For those of you wanting a translation, that would be diarrhea, which I think was one symptom of some kind of stomach bug, since it came complete with cold sweats and headaches and the general “I-am-dying” routine that men employ whenever something goes wrong that cannot be interpreted in some way so as to look manly.  There’s nothing manly about watery bowel movements.)

Punksin continues to spout things that are so comical that I can’t keep up.  And I am having trouble getting them all down.

Like yesterday.  Out of the total and complete blue, she says to me, as we’re puttering around in the car, “Mommy, when your grandfather died, I was so sad and I cried all day.”

Now, there are two things here.  One, where the hell did this come from?  We weren’t discussing him, or death, or sadness, or anything that I could interpret as being remotely connected.  But that’s how the brain works, I guess.

The second thing, though, is that I know that this was total horseshit.  Which I very gently reminded her of.

Uh, honey, I don’t think you cried all day or I’m sure Daddy would have told me.

Oh. Yeah.  I didn’tI forgot.”

This happens all the time.  She “forgets” things, which to her seems to be another way of interpreting “I lie about things.” How can you fucking forget that you didn’t do something?  When you’re telling someone something, don’t you relive it in your head? And at some point, doesn’t it occur to you that gee, this shit never happened?

The Hacker and I have come to the conclusion that we are going to have our work cut out for us with this one.

Oh yes sirree.

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