Uh, Come Again?

You may remember that I have this little side gig writing for this catalog company. Part of this gig entails looking up words and phrases for search engine optimization (essentially making sure I’m using the phrases that people in the internet universe are searching for). And you may recall that in the course of doing some of these searches, I’ve come across some pretty interesting phrases.

Well, today’s search had to do with cheerleaders. I am not writing anything remotely raunchy, it’s a very aboveboard and decent catalog, but the crap I am coming across as I look up the word “cheerleader” is amazing. Nor surprising, for the most part. Just amazing.

There are people – with a lot of time on their hands, I’m guessing – looking up phrases like “lesbain cheerleaders” and “sluty cheerleaders” (proof of how fucked up our education system is when thousands of people are making spelling mistakes like this), “nude cheerleaders”, and needless to say, “cheerleaders gone wild” – because anybody gone wild is a hot commodity these days, you understand.

Then there was the high rank of “dead cheerleader”, which is proof of something a lot worse than just a lack of education.

But of course, there’s always one that makes you pause and say, gee, I wonder what the hell these people are thinking.

“Shemale cheerleaders”?

Now please note: unlike the last time I found a phrase that made me stop and wonder, I am NOT looking this one up. Nope. No way. If you want to see pictures of shemale cheerleaders, you’re on your own. There is something about the very term “shemale” that frightens me – it sounds like a word you’d use to describe a very aggressive animal.

Or something from outer space.

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