Changes Are A’Coming

Unfortunately, not the changes I was hoping to blog about.




(That was a hint to The Hacker, who has flat out refused to allow me to hire a designer.  Well, not really, but I know if I do hire one, he will proceed to dissect the design and tell me everything that he thinks is wrong with it, completely disregarding the fact that he had SEVERAL MONTHS TO DO IT HIMSELF.)

Anyhow, I was saying.  Changes.

I’ll post more about them later. Right now I shouldn’t even be typing – Pudding is standing between my legs.  Yes! Standing!  And he has taken very tentative steps.  Not by himself yet, but at this rate, he’ll be mobile by his first birthday.  In a manner of speaking he already is.  You’ve never seen anyone slither as fast as he can.

And speaking of birthdays, today in the mail we received, from a girlfriend of mine, a Save The Date card for her daughter’s 4th birthday party.

In August.

Personally, I hate Save the Dates.  I mean, isn’t the fucking invitation the Save the Date? You send me something on paper telling me that later, I will receive another piece of paper officially inviting me to the function that you already told me about so that I could not commit to anything else.  Talk about killing trees unnecessarily.

And especially for a 4-year old’s birthday party! Come on! A wedding in Italy, okay, that I get. But a mani-pedi glitter party for 4-year olds?

Really, people.

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