Dee Dee Dee, a la Carlos Mencia

My husband is so thrilled with my blogs that he regularly tells people about them. He even tells his coworkers. Well, if any of them are reading, I have to tell you: You all work for the most retarded fucking company I have seen since the 21st century began. That’s a fact.

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Changes Are A’Coming

Unfortunately, not the changes I was hoping to blog about. Design? Design? Design? (That was a hint to The Hacker, who has flat out refused to allow me to hire a designer.  Well, not really, but I know if I do hire one, he will proceed to dissect the design and tell me everything that […]

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I have been so drained the past few days. Pudding got baptized the Saturday evening before Easter. At the church I now (sporadically) attend, they perform baptisms about 4 times a year, with that Saturday evening considered an appropriate time because by then, the “worst” of Jesus death is over and the miracle of rebirth […]

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Uh, Come Again?

You may remember that I have this little side gig writing for this catalog company. Part of this gig entails looking up words and phrases for search engine optimization (essentially making sure I’m using the phrases that people in the internet universe are searching for). And you may recall that in the course of doing […]

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Every 4 years, 6 in some places, you have to renew your drivers license – despite the fact that if you drive often enough, it’s pretty hard to all of a sudden forget what the hell you’re supposed to do behind the wheel. We have to renew a license for a skill that’s fairly ingrained […]

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