Visiting A Foreign Land

Today, I did something I swore I would never do.

I took Punksin – and Pudding – to a Chuck E. Cheese.

I have always had extreme disdain for this place.  Mind you, I’d never set foot in one, in this particular case going directly against my advice to Punksin about food: you have to try it to know if you’ll like it.  I was determined that that would not happen here.

But, today it did.  I caved.

Yes, the cheese factor speaks about more than just Chuck.

But it wasn’t so bad.

She had a blast – quelle surprise – and I actually had a good time too – it took my mind off of other things for a time and I really got into not just being with her physically but being with her in the moment, which was good for me and, I think, good for us and our relationship.  There were enough games that a grownup could enjoy – kind of like an arcade – and we were there for about three and a half hours.  (Scary, that part…)

Pudding sort of hung around and checked out the sights.  He was mostly in between the stroller and my hip, but he did manage a “ride” on some mild contraption that also took pictures, so we have proof of my fall from grace, with each kid getting two shots of them in a moving car with the Chuckster.

Speaking of which –  the games and stuff, okay.  The scary larger-than-life mannequins  of Chuck and his friends, moving to a soundtrack of them singing weird 80s’s songs, was a tad nightmarish.  (The songs weren’t weird, by the way, I love 80s music – but seeing Chuck E.  Cheese, a rabbit? mouse? named Helen, a purple gorilla, and assorted other friends singing them was a little too Stephen King. I don’t think Janet Jackson’s When I Think Of You will ever sound the same to me again…)

Anyhow, yes, I brought my nose out of the clouds long enough to do Chuck E. Cheese.  And yes, I would go back – if for nothing more than to finish using what seems to be about 9000 gold game tokens that we still have left.  This was a time when I would have been glad if the games took like 4 or 5 tokens each, but noooo, it’s All Games Are 1 Token!

Isn’t that special.  And of course I didn’t know this before I bought them or perhaps I wouldn’t have gone for the buy 60-tokens-get-4000-free special.  Even at Punksin’s frenetic pace, do you know how long it takes to go through that many tokens?


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